switches fandoms so fast you'll get whiplash

also hey i'm ivy and im super fucking obsessed with Red vs Blue rn so if u like that shit let's talk bruh (RT/AH stuff works too)

itch caint b scretched
27, and 101. 101 being, during our wedding, which otp are we cosplaying? Gay punks or Grimmons? It's okay, take your time. (im also totes kidding; i dont always know when to stop haha.)

27. What’s your favorite color?

my fave color changes a lot but right now it’s yellow bc it’s bright and happy

101. that stuff abt the wedding

well for our amazing wedding that is 100% happening no matter how many times u say ur joking, we’re just gonna have to cosplay as both. actually, i think we’re gonna need to get married twice tbh.

  #u keep trying to back out of the wedding    #its not gonna work bruh im in it to win it    #by it i mean you HOLLA    #spiritofascipio